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Chip and Joanna's "Fixer Upper" is coming back! That is one sentence I've been waiting to hear for what seems like a lifetime. It has been just over two years since they wrapped up their final episode on HGTV, and now, we finally know when we can start seeing them bust through walls and go nuts with shiplap again. Am I the only one doing the happy dance right now? ;)

Chip and Jo made the announcement earlier this week that Fixer Upper will be part of the lineup when their new network, Magnolia Network, goes live. While a specific start date has yet to be pinned down, we can expect to see them back on the small screen next year.

This past year, we have poured our hearts into content and programming for Magnolia Network. Searching for stories we believe the world needs to hear. Stories that bring us together, that let us see things in a whole new light. Stories that connect us to our roots, and to one another. And for Jo and me, it dawned on us that we wanted to be a part of this lineup with a new season of Fixer Upper. - Chip Gaines

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