There are so many great places to explore across the great state of Minnesota, and this waterfall set in the middle of the woods just outside of Stillwater is just on more to check out.

Fairy Falls is a waterfall that is accessible off of Highway 95 near Stillwater is an excellent sight to see. The little-known waterfall is absolutely gorgeous, and thanks to Only In Your State, you can see some photos for yourself. You may want to wait until it warms up, but it is definitely something to put on the bucket list. Here is what Only In Your State says about the waterfall.

This is a trail that is beautiful all year long. In the summertime, you'll find it filled with thriving foliage and maybe even glimpses of wildlife, but no matter when you visit Fairy Falls, you'll be astounded by this little-known waterfall hiding in the woods. Its tumble over the rugged cliffs near the St. Croix River is nothing short of gorgeous.

It is a wonderful spot to check out and if you haven't you may want to give it a go.