May Beef Month is here, and frankly, it is one of my favorite times of the year. Mostly because we team up with the Fillmore County Cattlemen's Association to giveaway BEEF!

The weather has been pretty great, and that means we can get the grill out and enjoy the weather by grilling up burgers, steaks, maybe some more burgers and even more steaks.

I like burgers and steaks if you couldn't tell.

Either way, we want to recognize everything the cattle industry provides us with, in the delicious form of beef. The Fillmore County Cattlemen's Association has also donated 1,000 pounds of ground beef to the Fillmore County Food Shelf.

It is our Big Beef Giveaway going all month long! Just open your 103.1 KFIL App and enter in your information below to score $20 in beef to Rushford, Preston, or Harmony Foods. Rushford, Preston and Harmony Foods donated additional money to make this Big Beef Giveaway even BIGGER!

Don't wait, fill in your information below so you can win some Beef during our May Beef Month, Big Beef Giveaway!

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