June is Dairy Month, where we celebrate all those dairy producers and thank them for what they do for us and our families.

Whether it is milk, cheese or any other dairy product...like ice cream....I love ice cream...okay, back to it now. We have those who produce the dairy to thank for all of the delicious treats and healthy foods that make our day better.

A great way to celebrate June Dairy Month is by visiting this year's Fillmore County Dairy Night on The Farm this Saturday, June 15th! You can eat some great cheeseburgers, have some ice cream and even take a tour of the farm.

This year, the Fillmore County Dairy Night on the Farm is hosted at Mulhern Dairy at 25869 County 7, Fountain Minnesota. You can check out more on the event HERE. 103.1 KFIL will be out there from 5-7 pm!

A big thanks goes to the Fillmore County ADA for putting this one. The Fillmore County ADA also teamed up with 103.1 KFIL to give away some delicious malts. Listen in Thursday morning in the 7 am and 8 am hours for the cue to call to win some malts from the Fillmore County ADA!

Let's celebrate dairy the right way, by thanking those who provide it for us and by eating ice cream (I am doing just that as I type this)

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