Yesterday, we remembered the history of this country on Independence Day. One good way to spend it? Playing base ball.

Yes, two words. You've heard about my exploits for sure. So the trip to Historic Forestville. I toured around a little bit (in full 1860s base ball attire of course), and saw some sights. The band was playing those good tunes, and later there was the singing of the good patriotic songs as well. After the opening ceremonies, it was time to play.

The Roosters got one tally in the top of the 1st, then Lanesboro answered back with two in the bottom half. There was a lot more offense after that, mostly by Rochester. There was also a tick on my shirt that "Little Frenchie" helped to dispose of. It did "bug" me to lose, but it bugged me even more to lose again in another competition.

After the game, there is always a pie eating contest. That I lost as well. I demanded a rematch. Lost that one too. So "Big Hertz" was 0-3. But I got a participation ribbon for the pie eating contest and my dad took me out for pizza and ice cream anyway. Not a bad day.


While I had a fun afternoon off, I again want to thank those who serve and have served so we can celebrate our freedom every day.

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