Pulling up to the gas pumps this morning at Preston Motor Mart, I spotted trucks and machinery at the site of B&B Bowl. As Kenny Loggins sang in "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'", I've never seen such a beautiful sight!

IEdwards TSM

If you have read my previous blogs, you will remember that B&B Bowl in Preston was destroyed by fire January 1, 2016. A long-time employee of B&B, I've cried buckets of tears over the past five months, grieving over the loss of "the alley". Once again today I cried. This time tears of joy because the rebuild has begun! Excavators are digging, getting ready for the new foundation. A foundation being built with hope, prayers and love. With each mound of dirt overturned and each nail yet to be hammered, the excitement will grow. How long before our beloved gathering place reopens? Owners Shelly and Paul Hanson are hoping that the grand reopening can take place January 1, 2017. As everyone knows, when it comes to construction nothing is certain, so that date is not etched in concrete.  What a party it will be!

I'm sure I echo the thoughts of Shelly and Paul, their daughters Lindsi and Shawna, their grandson Beau, and all of my co-workers when I say that this rebuild could not have been started without the love, prayers, donations and support of the wonderful community we live in. Once again, from the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you!