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We've got a debate going on at my house about an intersection in Rochester, Minnesota that I'm hoping you can help me settle.  It's an odd intersection at Marketplace Drive NW and the off-ramp from 37th Street NW.  At the end of the off-ramp, it sort of has a barrier that makes it look like you shouldn't turn left but it also has some signage to indicate that it should be allowed.

Because pictures can tell the story better than my words, I grabbed a few from the world of Google Maps to help explain the situation.

Are you allowed to turn left at this NW Rochester, Minnesota intersection?

I brought out some visuals to help us all solve the debate of "Are you allowed to turn left at this intersection in NW Rochester?"

What would you do at this odd intersection in Rochester, Minnesota?

So, now that you've seen the photos, do you think we are allowed to turn left here?  Or maybe I should be asking, what do you do at this intersection now?  Tell me what you think on our app (just hit chat) or send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

23 Things About Rochester, Minnesota that are super annoying.

Besides this intersection, Rochester is a pretty amazing town except for a few annoying things.  Example: Companies giving discounts to just Mayo employees is one on my list.  Yeah...not everyone in the Med City works for Mayo and most of us don't get paid as much either...so how about those discounts get applied to all?  #JustSaying  A few other items that Rochesterites find annoying are below.  Scroll a little bit and see how many you agree with.

23 Annoying Things About Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, Minnesota is home of the mighty Mayo Clinic, and we are so thankful for the experts saving lives each day. One thing people don't really talk about though is the annoying things that happen in the Med City. It's not all bandaids with pretty smiley faces on it. Annoying things DO happen here.

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