Business has been booming at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota and I just got word that another new store is opening.

Did you know that 3 other stores just announced they are opening at the Apache Mall?

ICYMI, let me get you caught up real quick.

Jessica Williams

Store #1 - If you love shopping for clothes, a brand new store called "Daily Thread" just opened up at the Apache Mall in RochesterMinnesota!  Their claim is that they have affordable fashion for women of all shapes and sizes.  Fingers crossed they've got a section for Tall clothing because I'm really missing the selection that New York & Co. used to have!  Learn more about this new spot here.

Jessica Williams

Store #2 - Windsor, another clothing store has posted the news on their website that they are opening in mid to late October at the Apache Mall in RochesterMinnesota If you missed that news story, you can read up on it and see what clothing they will be selling here.

Jessica Williams

Store #3 -According to the Apache Mall website, Popper's Tea is now hiring. After a little bit of digging, I found out that this new store is going to be where the old Orange Julius location was in the mall, which is over in the food court area.  Get the update on this new place here.


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The Malika Experience Opening Soon at the Apache Mall in Rochester!

The Malika Experience has been transforming one of the mall spaces by JC Penney at the Apache Mall and the owner, Omnya Mohamed, is extremely excited to be bringing her clothing to Minnesota.  I had a chance to chat with her via Zoom recently to get the inside scoop.

Q&A with Omnya, owner of The Malika Experience

Q.  When will your new store be opening...and any giveaways happening?  A.  We will be opening on October 6th and I'll be giving away some self-defense keychains.

Q.  What types of products and clothing do you sell?  A.  We sell dresses, jumpsuits, accessories and are available online and at the new store.  We also do local deliveries.

Credit: The Malika Experience
Credit: The Malika Experience

Q.  How did The Malika Experience get started?  A.  I started my business when I was at basic training I was in Texas alone to my thoughts and I realized that when I get home I don't ever want to work for anyone again I want to create my own thing and wanted to make my life mean something. So I started doing hair when I got home. On the side, I would sell little hair products and that grew, and now I'm here opening my first store.

Learn more at The Malkia Experience website or Facebook page.

Do you know another store that is opening soon in Southeast Minnesota?

I'd love to chit chat with the owner and learn more about it...and help spread the word!  Let me know over on Facebook - Jessica On The Radio or via e-mail at

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