If you have been on Facebook, or the internet for that matter, you know him.

Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler, getting his start in in the early 60's. His name says everything, he was a massive man. He was 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 520 pounds. A mountain of a person.

From all the reports you hear though, out of the ring, he was one nice guy. Posing for pictures, he was a true sportsman.

But also being that big, he had some pretty good stories as well. And thanks to the website therichest.com and also wikipedia.com, here are a few of them.

He was undefeated for 15 years. 

In one sitting, drank 156 16oz beers. Thats a few, but it gets better then that. Another claims he drank 127, and passed out. The staff of the hotel couldn't move him, so they had to leave him in the lobby until he woke up.

The was the first WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

Not only was he a wrestler, but had a very impressive TV career.

And finally, he was the highest paid athlete of his time.

All and all, he was quite the person. Would not want to meet him in the ring, but after the match would be the nicest person you ever met. So head on over to therichest.com to read the story, or check out Wikipedia to see a few more of his accomplishments.