When I was an 8-year-old if asked what would be the coolest thing ever to win I'd have replied a life-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a helicopter. One Minnesota 8-year-old just got a prize most 50-year-old men would be jealous to receive. The youthful winner was, Lincoln Erickson of Rogers won a new boat, motor, and trailer rigged with fish-finding electronics on Lake Minnetonka this weekend by catching a .93 pound crappie during the Minnesota Bound Crappie Contest.

This isn't the first year that someone under the age of 18 has taken home the grand prize. Last year 12-year-old Cade Corrigan won the boat, motor, and trailer grand prize by landing a crappie with the secret weight of 0.63 lbs.

The contest was originally scheduled to take place on May 5, but due to there still being some ice on Lake Minnetonka the contest was rescheduled to this past Saturday.

The boat wasn't the only prize handed out this weekend as there were mountains of prizes to be awarded to the winners. The contest was held to benefit the non-profit, Fishing for Life.

Some of the other winners according to Minnesota Bound's Facebook page were:

Adult first - Brad Wellenstein, Plymouth, MN. 1.35 crappie
Adult second - Daniel Iversen, Maple Plan, MN. 1.27 crappie
Adult third - Jason Bahr, Brainerd, MN. 1.14 crappie
Adult fourth - Melanie Bissen, TonkaBay, MN. - 1.14 crappie (tie-but Jason
weighed his first)
Adult fifth - Chris Mitzuhata, 1.13 crappie

Youth First, Kyle Glaser, 1.22 crappie
Youth Second, Logan Beniek, Tonka Bay, MN. 1.04 crappie
Youth Third, Nolan Francois, MN, 1.02 crappie
Youth Fourth: Conner Vanwinkle, Farmington, MN 1.01 crappie
Youth fifth: Aiden Rosenau, Waconia, MN. .97 crappie

Here is Lincoln Erickson celebrating on his new boat!

Image Credit: Travis Frank Ron Schara Productions
Image Credit: Travis Frank Ron Schara Productions


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