Many people across Minnesota are struggling with renting right now, whether it's because they're renting because can't afford to buy a house or because they may get kicked out of their current rental. Unfortunately, the latter happened to a Minneapolis woman named Linda Taylor. She had been renting the same home for 20 years and was suddenly being kicked out.

The reason Linda was being kicked out was because the landlord had decided they wanted to sell the house instead of renting it. Well, Linda didn't have the money to buy the home and this was the place she raised her kids, she didn't know what to do. The Star Tribune says that she shared her concerns with a neighbor and eventually word spread about Linda's troubles.

None of her neighbors wanted her to leave. They had gotten to know her over the years and she was active in the community. So they did something only the best neighbors would do, they contact Linda's landlord and struck a deal.

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Linda was originally going to be kicked out at the end of January but her neighbors came to the deal with the landlord to give them until the end of June to raise the money needed to buy the house. Are you kidding! Those are some amazing neighbors!

They held a block party, an art fair, a local church raised six figures, all to help Linda stay in her home of 20 years. One month early, at the end of May, Linda's neighbors had raised enough money to pay for the house, $275,000.

Linda told the Star Tribune that she hasn't fully processed everything that happened to help her stay in her home. "'It's saying a lot about my neighbors, and a lot about my community. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.'"

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