I was doing some thinking the other day, and then I received an email from MnDOT talking about their 'Adopt a Highway' program. It really got me thinking how awesome it is.

If you are not familiar, the 'Adopt a Highway', it is an opportunity for a citizens to clean up liter along Minnesota's highways. The big kicker here is that these volunteers save MnDOT $7 million per year. That is A LOT of money, and a huge way to help save the environment and keep our communities clean.

You can adopt the highway for just one day, or adopt it for an extended period of time, and you can do that HERE.

It is something that has been around Minnesota forever, but a huge reason that Minnesota's roadways are so clean is because of these excellent volunteers.

It is pretty amazing. MnDOT even supplies you with tip and tricks on how to prepare for your next roadside cleanup! They are all about safety and preparation. It is pretty handy!

Have you ever participated in an 'Adopt a Highway' clean up?

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