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Three years ago this week in Rochester, something made about 250 cry at the same time. A man who received a double lung transplant met the family of the donor who had passed away to save his life. Let's go back to that night and feel the blessings of life again.


Saturday night (August 26, 2017), Laura Lee (from ABC 6 News) and I were fortunate to be the hosts at the Gift of Life Transplant House Gala of the Decades – The ‘50’s, and we witnessed something that brought both of us to tears.

During the night we heard from the famous Golden Gopher Pat Micheletti about his experience as a kidney transplant recipient. He told us of feeling tremendously blessed by family, friends, Mayo Clinic's phenomenal people, Transplant House family, and the love of our community.

And then we had a surprise. A donor recipient and the family of the donor were both there…and had never met. They’ve exchanged some emails, but that’s it.

Laura Lee brought them together on the floor. He, a double lung transplant recipient of just 10 months, with his wife. And a mother and daughter. A mother and daughter who lost their son and brother just about ten months ago. When their son passed, they were in that same hard place, and went with their son’s wishes…and he saved four lives that night, he brought eyesight back to another person, and helped others with his tissues.

Then they met. And the bond and the love was obvious…

They all took the microphone, they all said words of love, kindness, and life. And honestly, I think it was the first time I’ve ever cried on stage. A Facebook Live video shot from the front is below…it’s hard to hear since we were in a hanger, but it’s still powerful.

UPDATE: Our good friend Jim has passed away, but the memory of his passion will live on in all of us.


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