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9 Places In and Around Rochester, Minnesota with the Best Flower and Vegetable Plant

I have big plans and ideas for my landscaping this summer and part of that includes some vegetables that I am going to attempt to successfully grow.  When it comes to planting all of the flowers and vegetable plants, I could buy seeds and start from scratch but some I need someone to start those for me...because my thumb is only half green.  I did some hunting and found some amazing places in the Rochester, Minnesota area that have amazing plants that are perfect for your garden or pots.

Top Places in and around Rochester to Buy Flowers and Vegetable Plants

The grass is green, the birds are back in Minnesota, and now is the time to bring more color to our yards and decks with gorgeous flowers. Quite a few of us could use a little extra help getting those plants started too (because we lack that green thumb!) and if that is you, this list will probably help. Scroll through to see some of the top spots in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area to find flower and vegetable plants.

CAUTION: Not All Decks Are Safe

Want to see something sort of funny?  I was cleaning my deck off, sweeping all of the leaves away, and decided to do some rearranging so we could finally have an oasis.  We won't ever truly have that happen until we get a new deck but I'm working with what I've got.  So, I moved the table, our patio chairs and got the rug cleaned off, and then...the last thing...the grill needed to be moved to its new location.  I started to roll it and then BANG, CLUNK, CRASH!  The wheels on one side of the grill fell through the deck.  The wood just fell apart and now there is a big hole on my deck.  You can see it for yourself...

Where do you love to shop for plants in our area?

I'd love to hear your favorite spot to shop for plants.  Let me know by chatting with me over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

BEWARE: Ticks are out!

While you are working outside, be sure to wear bug spray and appropriate clothes to help keep the ticks away.  They are out!  Keep scrolling and you'll find a few more tips and some photos of what to look out for.

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They are creepy, crawly and unfortunately are so stealth-like that you don't even know they are on your body sucking your blood. Ticks. Here are a few different types of ticks in Minnesota and a few tips on how you can help prevent tick bites.

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