Nothing like waking up at 2:12 am to the sound of someone throwing up in the bathroom.  Welcome to my life.  I should say, "Welcome to every mom's life" because it seems like moms are always the ones who have a child about ready to hurl on them at the side of the bed.  Sorry if you are eating right may want to put your food down for a sec.

Glass of dissolving medicine with vomiting man in background
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At first, I thought the horrible hacking sounds were from my baby, Loki.  He's a St. Bernard who loves to eat things he's not supposed to and then he casually barfs it up.  Our new baseboard trim is one of those things he wasn't supposed to eat.   #TrueStory

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Since Loki greeted me at my bedroom door with a look on his face like, "What the heck is that horrible noise?", I knew he wasn't the cause this time.  But, I did see a light on in the hallway bathroom and unfortunately, the sound of hurling got louder and louder as I got closer.  I really didn't want to open the door because I knew that there were going to be bad smells and zero joy on the other side of it but...I'm the mom so apparently, this is what we do.

The last 12 hours have been nothing but a continuation of those horrible smells and I wish I could say that we will all get a really good night's sleep tonight but I honestly have zero idea.  My child is throwing up as I am typing.  So yeah...this whole day sucks.

20 Items Every Minnesota Mom Needs When Their Kids Get Sick

As I was spraying Lysol into the air at 2:30 am this morning, hoping it would cleanse all things, I realized that moms are the most amazing superheroes in the entire world.  We jump into action in a split second and most of the time, we are showing up in a mom bun.  Maybe the mom bun is our secret weapon?  Zero idea because I'll be honest, I'm a bit sleep-deprived from all the throwing up sounds at 2 am.  I had a revelation though in the midst of vomit - that whenever a crisis like this happens, moms have a list have handy-dandy tools nearby ready to help.

Sick Kid Survival Guide for All Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin Moms

As my kid was hurling chunks of our pasta dinner into the sink (fyi...pasta that apparently he did not chew at all...because I could see it all sitting there in clumps) I instantly put my hair in a mom bun and rushed to action. I have no idea how I knew what to do in that moment of barfing, because if I'm honest, I wanted to barf myself, but I kept it in and rushed to get all the tools I had in the house for just this moment. My "Sick Kid Survival Guide" is a gamechanger and if you don't have these items at your house, maybe stock up now so you are prepared for cold, flu, and this COVID season.

What would you add to the sick kid survival guide? 

Let me know by sending me a message to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Rochester has too many of ________.

I know you are going to put "banks" in that space already, but what else do we seem to have an excess of in Rochester?  Look through the list below and see if your answer for the blank is in the list.  (FYI...if it isn't, send me a message over at my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio and I might add your idea to the list too!)

FILL IN THE BLANK: Rochester has way too many ________.

If someone asked you, "What does Rochester have too many of?", what would you say? I asked that question to people living in the Med City and got quite the list of answers. Some might make you laugh (cause they are true) and others may have you scratching your head a bit because this is the first time you've realized we have a few issues happening in our gorgeous city. Scroll through the list that were sent to me and see how many you agree with.

Wow! Check out how Rochester has changed throughout the years in these Google photos.

As we are soaring down Hwy 52, it is hard to imagine what life was like in our town before the Target store was built where it is today. Or the house that you live in now, at one point in town, that wasn't there. In fact, Rochester has grown so fast throughout the years, most of our houses weren't even around 50 years ago! Don't believe me? Look through these photos to get a glimpse of what Rochester was like years ago.

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