Last weekend, a 16-year-old Minnesota dancer went into cardiac arrest when she went backstage to do a quick change during her dance recital.

WCCO writes that Kaylyn Rosewell is a competitive dancer at Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood. During her recital, she went backstage after performing to quickly change for her next dance when it happened.

Kaylyn's mom told WCCO that Kaylyn said she didn't feel well. "'And then her eyes started rolling back and she started to wobble a little bit and then she passed out.'” Luckily there were other parents there who knew exactly what to do and were both trained in CPR and in using an AED.

While waiting for the ambulance the parents worked on keeping Kaylyn awake for 20 minutes. Doctors say the reason Kaylyn is doing so well now is because of the quick action that was taken.

WCCO reports that Kaylyn was taken to Children's Hospital and given a breathing tube. Two days later the tube was out and she was "awake and smiling."

People who know Kaylyn says she will never stop dancing and that she plans to dance in college.


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