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The Thanksgiving holiday is a uniquely American tradition, one filled with tons of food, and getting together to give thanks with family and friends, all set in the late fall after-- the harvest is in for the year.

But there are several phrases you'll probably ONLY hear (or perhaps say yourself) if you find yourself at a Thanksgiving dinner HERE, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And even if your plans include a virtual or scaled-down celebration due to the ongoing pandemic, there's still a pretty good possibility these phrases will be a part of your Minnesota Thanksgiving holiday somehow! How many of these phrases you're familiar with...

And, after Thanksgiving, next up is Christmas, right? It's a holiday filled with nostalgia, probably even more so this year as we deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and long for things to get back to normal. Well, keep scrolling to a take a look at Christmas was like the year you were born!

11 Things You'll Only Hear at a Minnesota Thanksgiving

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