It's Labor Day weekend in Minnesota! While it does look a little different for everyone, there are certain things that a large number of Minnesotans will be doing this weekend. Are you doing one or maybe all of the things on this list over Labor Day?

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1. Head outdoors for one last adventure. This isn't to say you won't go outside again this fall, but this is the last 'summer' weekend before school starts up.

2. Clean out the cabin, camper, garage...or closet. This was the WORST weekend as a kid. Why do parents always want to use your last weekend before school as a fall cleaning day?

3. Get your back to school supplies in order.

4. Shop. This is a catch all because everything is on sale. Minnesotans will be shopping for all kinds of things this weekend.

5. Decorate for fall. It's officially OK to dress up your front yard like fall. It's September.

6. Eat on a patio. It doesn't even need to be at a could be your own private patio. But, our eating outside days are numbered.

7. Grill. I don't know what it is about labor day and grilling...but, you can bet our grills will be working overtime this weekend.

8. Canning things. If you've got a garden, chances are you're spending labor day laboring in the kitchen.

9. Hit up a park. It's so nice and cool outside, Minnesotans will throw on their hoodies and head to a park. Are you camping at a state park this weekend?

10. Hit up an ice cream shop. Dairy Queen usually closes for the season around mid-October. You've got a few more weeks to get in as many ice cream adventures as possible.

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