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Getting together with family and friends (even virtually this year) is a beloved of the holiday season. But here are 10 questions that are guaranteed to make every Minnesotan cringe when you hear them during the holidays!

Our 'Minnesota Nice' may make us clam up or try to politely change the subject when some of these questions are asked by Aunt Martha or Uncle Hank during your holiday get-together.

And they never seem to have any idea that what they're asking is making not only YOU mortified-- but everybody else within earshot, as well, right?

And, while speaking of weird parts of the holidays, keep scrolling to check out this list of some, uh, off-the-beaten-path, shall we say? Christmas albums that have been released. (How many of these have YOU heard of?)

10 Things That Will Make Any Minnesotan Squirm During a Holiday Get-Together

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