Southeast Minnesota

5 Tips If You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home
The Spring real estate market has started and according to, Rochester is now the best city to buy a house in all of Minnesota! (Number 4 in all of the United States!) We've got a few tips from local REALTORS to help you get your house ready to sell this season.
Would You Buy This Shirt For Your Child?
I heard about a shirt at a local store that a mom was talking about on Facebook. It is hard to know what is real or fake on social media and so I went on a hunt to see if it was true. I had a picture and my own determination and that was all I needed. The hunt was on.
Do You Know How To Save Big Money At HyVee?
If you saw a woman jumping up and down in the store today, that was me, because today I found something new at Hy-Vee that gave me free food and some extra savings. And if you think I'm talking about Fuel Saver...well, that is just the start. ;)
Best Priced Movie Theaters in the Area
Going to the movies can be such a fun outing but ticket prices seem to be creeping up and you know that at least one of your kids is going to ask for popcorn...and if you give a kid some popcorn, they are going to ask for something to drink.

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