Hey Twins Fans!  We play early today, facing Baltimore at 11:30.  KFIL 103.1 FM is the place to hear the game!

More All Star game stats for you!  Today in:

1935  The American League wins the All Star Game 4-1 at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland.

1941 American League does it again, 7-5 victory.

1947 it's the American League winning again 2-1 at Wrigley Field.

1952  National League wins 3-2 in Philadelphia.  The game is called after five innings because of rain.

1958  at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, it's the American League winning 4-3.

1980  Played at Dodger Stadium, National League wins its ninth consecutive All Star Game 4-2.

And in 1997, American League wins 3-1 at Jacobs Field.