With Vince McMahon reviving the Xtreme Football League next year, twelve teams recently held the inaugural draft. While the XFL doesn't have a Minnesota team (...yet?), several former Vikings were selected:

  • OL Storm Noron, Los Angeles Wildcats
  • OL Willie Beavers, Dallas Renegades
  • OL John Keenoy, Dallas Renegades
  • OL Zac Kerin, New York Guardians
  • OL Cornelius Edison, Houston Roughnecks
  • WR Jeff Badet, Dallas Renegades
  • WR Stacy Coley, Dallas Renegades
  • LB Edmund Robinson, Houston Roughnecks
  • TE Nick Truesdell, Tampa Bay Vipers

I'll be honest, the only player that sticks out to me on that list is Willie Beavers...for reasons. But it looks like the Dallas Renegades are pretty stacked with former Minnesota players.

Speaking of Dallas, they were one of two teams that also drafted former Gopher football players:

  • QB Phillip Nelson, Dallas Roughnecks
  • LB Jonathan Celestin, DC Defenders
  • CB Jale Myrick, DC Defenders

Will all those former Minnesota players get you to root for Dallas next year?

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