Yesterday, the Rochester Target stores were listed on as one of their many stores closed due to safety concerns in the Twin Cities.  Many people shared on social media Saturday that the stores were open.  Today, Walmart stores in Rochester both shared information on their Facebook pages that their stores are "Closed Until Further Notice" and now that information is changed.

Posted on both the South and North Walmart Facebook pages was the following statement:

Due to the recent events in Minneapolis, the store will be closed until further notice to protect the safety of our customers and associates. Serving the community remains a priority for us and we’ll reopen as soon as possible in order to do so.

About 7:50pm on Saturday, May 30th, the original Facebook post was changed on both Rochester store locations to state the following,

The store will be closing early at 7pm today to protect the safety of our customers and associates. Serving the community safely remains a priority for us.


This is a time when we seem to have a lot of different information coming at us and it is changing every second.  I'm hearing that both stores will be open again on Sunday but If you are wanting the latest info on their hours, I'd suggest giving them a call to check before you start your car.

I did send a note to the individuals stating that they are open on Sunday and asked them to get in touch with me directly.  If I hear back with confirmed information about Sunday hours, I'll update the story.

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