When you hear the name Lanesboro MN, What comes to mind?

For me, it means home.  To others, it means vacation.  If you do decide to come and visit this everchanging little town in Minnesota, here are a few things to look out for while you are visiting.

The Bike Trail-Now living in Lanesboro, we get use to the town swelling with bikers during the summer.  Head downtown, head to where the rivers meet, either way your sure to get quite the workout and get off the beaten path to experience all the sights of SE Minnesota

Just start walking-Seems like not a lot right, but take a trip to downtown Lanesboro and you will see why.  New shops, old shops, restaurants and bars.  Your sure to leave with something.

Visit the Commonwheel Theatre-One of the Big things Lanesboro is known for.  Driving home from KFIL on a night of a play, you will be nothing but cars, cars, and more cars.  The shows and showtimes varies, but it is one thing you want to see.

Buffalo Bill Days-This town celebration, words just cant describe it.  Happening this year July 28th-31st.  The only way to know what its like, it just to experience it for yourself.

One last thing is the River-The river in my eyes is what makes Lanesboro great.  Fishing, camping or tubing, your sure to have some fun on the river.

There you go, from someone who is from Lanesboro, those are a few things that I would recommend you do while your in Lanesboro.