There are many divisive topics in America right now. Politics. Afterall it is an election year. Religion is a topic that can create great friction among people too.  

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Another topic that falls into a “you either love them or hate them” category is the singer whose fans call themselves "Swifties". There are many people who don’t care for Taylor Swift and believe that she’s always seeking attention. (Could it be that attention seeks her? It’s a fair question) 

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But those who love this singer feel a real connection to her. Either from the lyrics she writes or the show she puts on, “Swifties” are devoted. 

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If you find yourself in the latter category, this is a sweet opportunity to show your love for this music. You can make your own “Swiftie” themed cookies at an event on April 13th called “Sweet Singer Sugar Cookie Decorating Class”. 

Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash
Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

This class is being held by “Moore Than Cookies” whose owner Madison says you’ll be able to create six of your own sweet singer themed cookies to take home with you.   

The event will be held in Big Lake from Noon until Two on April 13th at Lupulin Brewing. 

The two-hour class will cover the basics of decorating sugar cookies, practicing piping with Royal Icing, discuss the best ways to decorate sugar cookies, plus give you some basic information on dough and icing as well.  

If you’re thinking you’re just a beginner and this class would be too advanced for you, think again. Madison says this class would be perfect if you’re new to the concept of decorating cookies, or you’ve done it before but would like to learn more. 

If this is something that sounds like fun for your kids, you can take the class and then purchase a kit to take home and you can show your little ones what you learned. 

The class on the 13th is open to those 10 and older and there’s room for 15 people. Due to space restrictions, there isn’t room for parents to stay with kids who want to do this. Get more here. 

The cost of this class is $60. The only things you need to bring is an apron, a smile, your phone if you want to take pictures, an attitude ready to have some fun, and if you’d like to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so.  

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