Caitlin Clark has been the talk of the town since being drafted by the Indiana Fever.

Indianapolis has welcomed one of Iowa's favorite Hawkeyes with open arms and they've really shown how excited they are about her arrival. Before WNBA draft night, a Caitlin Clark mural was painted by Indiana native, Kwazar Martin, on the north side of Indianapolis.

It Is Just Getting Started

The mega sports drink company, Gatorade, has also added its own Caitlin Clark flair to Indianapolis. While this might have more of a 'cooperate' touch to would be pretty hard for anyone driving past the Hyatt Regency building to miss it.

Before Caitlin Clark took the floor for her first regular season WNBA action, Gatorade released a 150-foot banner to showcase one of their newest partners. According to the NY Post, Caitlin Clark said her relationship with Gatorade is special.

"This partnership is special because not only does Gatorade fuel the best athletes in the game, but they’re also committed to leading by example and giving back, which is what I strive to do every day. I’m honored to join such an iconic brand that has some of the most elite athletes in sports on their roster and I can’t wait for what’s ahead."

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You can see what the giant wall space looked like before the banner was placed and it's massive. I wonder if this is the biggest or tallest Caitlin Clark photo that's ever been made? I think it's safe to say Gatorade accomplished its mission...this thing is impossible to miss.

Indiana Fever

Despite having the best player coming into the WNBA draft, it's been a pretty rough start for the Indiana Fever to begin the 2024 season. In the opening game, the Fever lost to the Connecticut Sun 92-71 on May 14. Yesterday (May 16), the Fever was blown out by the New York Liberty, 102-66.

I'd be curious to know if Caitlin Clark has ever lost a game her in entire basketball career by 36 points. I'd be willing to bet it would only take a few fingers to count the number of times she's lost a game by almost 40 points, if ever, going back to when she was in high school.

After the Fever's blowout loss to the Liberty, Caitlin said she's still getting used to the speed and physicality of the WNBA. She told ESPN

"The physicality is definitely up there. ... I'm easily pushed off screens. The game seems a little fast for me right now. The more I play and the more comfortable I get, it’s going to slow down a little bit. It will be easier for me to make reads, see things develop."

While the first two Indiana Fever games haven't got their way, Gatorade proved that 'Caitlin Clark mania' isn't slowing down in Indianapolis anytime soon.

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