Wisconsin is apparently a hotspot for safe hospitals.

Anytime we have to go to the hospital, we have no choice but to trust that the doctors and nurses will do everything they can to keep us safe and prevent us from getting additionally sick or hurt.

A nonprofit focused on patient safety called The Leapfrog Group graded numerous hospitals in each state on patient safety for 2024 and Wisconsin really sticks out.

Illinois and Iowa both had hospitals that received the lowest possible grade, a "D". But Wisconsin hospitals all scored a 'C' or above.

The hospitals were scored on metrics that include:


  • MRSA (Staph) infections
  • C. diff infections (spread by contaminated equipment)
  • Infection in the blood
  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • Surgical site infection after colon surgery
  • Sepsis infection after surgery

With those stats, these are considered the 8 safest hospitals in Wisconsin, according to The Leapfrog Group.


  1. Aurora Medical Center (Grafton)
  2. Aurora Medical Center of Washington Country (Hartford)
  3. Bellin Memorial Hospital (Green Bay)
Bellin Health
Bellin Health

4. Beloit Memorial Hospital (Beloit)

5. Mayo Clinic Health System- Eau Claire (Eau Claire)

6. Mayo Clinic Health System- La Crosse (La Crosse)

Mayo Clinic Health System
Mayo Clinic Health System

7. Monroe Clinic Hospital (Monroe)

8. ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital (Oconomowoc)

It's pretty cool that Wisconsin had no hospitals, out of the 66 that were graded, that scored the low "D" grade. They all received an 'A', 'B', or 'C'.

You can see the full score break-down and why each of these hospitals was named among the safest in the state at The Leapfrog Group's Wisconsin report.

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