Blaine, MN (KROC-AM News)- A police drone captured footage of a large brawl that broke out at a Minnesota carnival and resulted in injuries to a police officer. 

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Officials say the violent incident involving dozens of people occurred over the weekend. 

Officers were at the carnival but were outnumbered as the situation escalated, police say. The video shows seven officers at the scene. 

Blaine Police Officer Injured in Massive Brawl at Twin Cities Carnival

A post on the Blaine Police Department’s Facebook page says the large fight occurred at the Northtown Mall Carnival in the Twin Cities suburb. 


The overhead video shows officers attempting to break up a fight involving three individuals. A crowd of people then converges around the officers and individuals involved in the altercation. 

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Police are seen in the video attempting to push back members of the crowd who were trying to join the fight. At one point a member of the unruly crowd threw an object at the officers. 

Blain Police Department/Mark Boerboom via Youtube
Blaine Police Department via Youtube

An officer attempting to separate the combatants is seen suffering several blows to the head. Police then get one of the fighters into handcuffs and escort the individual away from the scene. 

The crowd remained gathered around the other officers and then are seen suddenly dispersing from the area. 

Blaine Police say the crowd broke up after officers threatened to deploy a chemical irritant about three minutes after the fighting began.

The injured officer suffered a concussion after taking an elbow to the head. Other officers were also pushed and struck by members of the crowd, police say. 

The video shows at least two people being detained. Blaine Police did not say if anyone was arrested.

Watch the full video below:

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