Do you know where you would go?

Living in Minnesota, we are pretty set. If you watch the TV shows, like Walking Dead, one thing you notice is the characters are always on the hunt for food, supplies and more ammo for their firearms.  Minnesotans to be honest, have most of these either in their backyard or house. And the fact that the shows have never shown a zombie in the snow, were safe there.

But where would you go if you didn't have a 100 acres of corn or a hunting arsenal in your basement, I have you covered. has a list of the best spots of places to hide in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.  The good news for us in Southern Minnesota is most of them are pretty close to home.

A Farm is one they list as a good spot to hide.  Food, buildings, most of the time gas for vehicles.  You could start your own city in most farms

If you can make it out of Fillmore County, head up north to Fort Snelling.  It was a militarily fort made to keep people out.  I would imagine it would do pretty good on keeping the zombies out.

Just a few short miles from the KFIL studio, Niagara Cave.  I mean its a cave, with one way in and out.  Perfect!!!!!

One last thing they list is head to Costco.  A store with enough stuff to last for about 100 years.

A few I have to imagine would be good would be either a shopping mall or a Cabelas store.

So should the day happen, you can say you found your spot thanks to an article on KFIL and KVGO radio.  Also thank  Read the entire list there and see where you should go.