St. Paul, MN (Learfield Wire Services) - Governor Mark Dayton today told House Republicans he’s willing to drop his push for a gas tax increase to break the deadlock at the State Capitol over transportation funding — but license tab fees would go up more than in Dayton’s original proposal to make up the difference.

Republicans don’t appear to be impressed with Dayton’s offers. House Speaker Kurt Daudt says, “I think Minnesotans sitting at home watching all of this are gonna say, wait a second, you’ve got a 900-million dollar surplus. Why do you need to raise $680 million of taxes, or take $680 million dollars more from Minnesotans?”

Dayton responds he’s making major concessions and if Daudt and fellow Republicans continue the standoff, there will be no transportation bill. “It’ll be his [Daudt’s] responsibility, his caucus’s responsibility. I’m hoping they can get beyond that,” said the governor. Less than a week remains in the legislative session.

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