Long-time KFIL listeners will surely remember Preston resident, Mike Sveen. Mike was a cornerstone of KFIL for many, many years. His knowledge of broadcasting and country music was undeniable. His passion was radio and KFIL. Mike retired in 2007 due to health problems, and on January 6, 2008, Mike passed away.

See the plant in the picture? We sent the plant to Mike's funeral as a remembrance. Afterwards, his wife Julie offered the plant to us as a keepsake. The original plant was probably a foot tall. Since then, the plant has been split and replanted into five different pots. Some of them are 2-3 feet tall. See the stem in front? I recently gave this particular plant a trim and cut back that stem which was leggy and unruly. Look at it now. It's getting another new leaf!

We've all decided that the plants are Mike's spirit, and like Mike, they love country music and continue to flourish! You are missed, friend, but because of the plants, you are always with us!