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Does the Foot Detox Recipe on Pinterest Work or Is It Just Hype?
Pinterest Truth or Fail? I tried out the popular "Homemade Foot Detox" recipe to find out for myself. It's had over 115,000 shares on just one of the sites and I was watching several of my friends share this on their social media pages...so I figured, it was time to see if this was …
Rochester Mom Shares Tips On How To Win At Fortnite ;)
I have been watching Fortnite start to consume my kiddo so I thought, "How hard can it be to play this game?". He was making it look so easy and I thought for sure that if he could play - so could I. Maybe I would even win?!
Could This Be The Best Way To Calm A Mosquito Bite?
The mosquito likes to pick on one of my kids though and for some reason, the reaction that my kiddo has is just so much worse than everyone else. I found this solution and it seems to be working better than anything else that I've tried!
Is This The Largest Emoji in Minnesota?
We know all about the small emoji's that show up on our phones and we know that Minnesota has a popular emoji that we are all using, but where exactly is the largest emoji in nature? Well, I'm pretty sure I found it in Southeast Minnesota! Here are some directions so you can see it too!
The Animal That Freaks Out Minnesotans The Most Is...
Minnesota is home to a lot of interesting animals and sometimes, they surprise us at times when we aren't expecting them. Frogs jumping out, spiders that show up in the shower, bats that fly towards your face. When we get any of that on camera...even better. ;)
Rochester Company Providing Incredible Gift For Child With Cancer
A few weeks ago, Rochester had the biggest hide & seek game ever! A local business heard about the items that a child with cancer lost and what happened as a result of a few social media posts and friends sharing the info with others they know, well, it is...truly amazing!
Little Boy Has A Moment At Target Field He Will Never Forget
A little boy named William had a day he will never forget with the Minnesota Twins. He was all dressed up as one of the baby TC’s and running the bases on Sunday, July 8th - a dream that any kid would love! As he was running though, his mom, who was serving overseas with the military was wa…
Rochester Resident Found An Unusual Item In Bag Of Mulch
With all the rain, the weeds are taking over all of our landscaping! I almost gave up but decided we were going to make things beautiful again! I wasn't expecting to find extra special treasures inside my mulch bags though.
Tips To Help Kids Who Are Scared Of Fireworks
I was asked earlier today why fireworks trigger anxiety and fear in my kid and that is a hard question to answer...mostly because I’m not the one experiencing it. I do know what I see as a mom and have a few tips to share with other parents that might have a child that isn’t a fan of …