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Team Erin Spreads Kindness in Memory of Mom Who Had Brain Cancer
This Rochester mom found out that she had brain cancer when she was 22 weeks along in the pregnancy of her second child. Her life ended earlier than anyone would expect for a young mom but Erin continues to have a positive impact on others today.
Top 5 Meals We Couldn't Stand To Eat When We Were Kids
Growing up, we all had that one meal that someone spent tons of time on but when it came time to shove it down our throats, every second was torture. We’ve got the Top 5 worst meals that we had to eat growing up – all submitted by you!
32 Students Made Southeast MN Proud At The State Science Fair
Pipets, experiments, petri dishes, data and poster boards - just a few of the things that students in Southeast Minnesota have been consumed with the past few months. All of the work and research led up to one important weekend for 32 students in Rochester, the State Science & Engineering Fair.
Zucchini Chips: A Healthy Recipe That Is Really Easy
I'm trying to make some healthier foods for my family (and me) and being a loser in the kitchen makes this challenging. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen the pictures of fire and burned food. ;) I found something though that tastes good, is super easy and I can nibble …
Tips On How To Save A Few Dollars At Target Field
I’m so excited for the Minnesota Twins this year! We've got our tickets for a few games but have learned that taking a family to the game can get spendy. I’ve figured out a few tips to help save some cash at Target Field.
Yoga in the Vines! (and yes...there is wine!)
We’ve been sitting indoors way too long this winter! It is time to stretch, let the stress of the snow melt away. You can make all this happen at a vineyard in Southeast Minnesota...and there is wine!
The Best Family Game For Laughs!
Looking for a family game that will bring you TONS of laughs! I tried one out and we had so much fun! Celebrities are even getting on board with this one and sharing their videos – which are pretty funny.
Can You Find Waldo on Google Maps?
Do you remember the "Where's Waldo?" pictures? Now you can find Waldo and all of his friends on Google Maps! I thought it was a bit of an April Fools joke at first but this is actually a real thing...and it is fun for kids AND adults!
KOA Campgrounds Is Giving Away An RV To A Lucky Camper!
Dust off those tents and sleeping bags because camping season is officially open in Southeast Minnesota! If the fresh air and fireside friendships aren’t enough to get you camping, KOA has a pretty amazing giveaway that will help you camp in style! I'm also sharing a few tips for those …
Is "Circle Me Bert" over at Twins Games?
Nothing says summer like heading to Target Field for a baseball game! Our family loves going to see the Minnesota Twins and we've even spent hours decorating huge signs so we could try to have Bert Blyleven circle us! This year, we might need to put those sign making skills into garage sale s…
Child in Southeast Minnesota Disappeared on School Picture Day
School Picture Day! When your kids are photogenic, these pictures are truly just magical every single time – no matter what the hair or clothes look like. A new spin on picture day has taken that magic to a whole new level…making children disappear.
5 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Puppy
Your kids are BEGGING for a puppy...and for some of you, even your spouse. You have always been the firm believer that you won't have a dog in your house...but maybe these 5 reasons will be enough to convince you that now is the time to bring a puppy home.
Easter Bunny Hopping into Preston With Prizes!
The Easter Bunny is hopping all over Southeast Minnesota and he is helping host a fun event in Preston, Minnesota! There are goody bags, crafts & prizes too...so keep reading!
WARNING: Is Your Dog Experiencing These Symptoms?
When we have a pet that is under the weather, it can be a guessing game. A dog in Rochester has been sick for a few weeks with some new symptoms and the owners are sharing so you know what to do if this happens with your dog.
Wine, Shopping, and Discounts at Girls Night Out!
Who else is tired of winter? A local store in Rochester is inviting you to their Girls Night Out where you can start thinking Spring and sunny days! Invite your friends for a night of wine, shopping, and some extra special savings.
Very Tasty (and Healthy) Banana Bread Recipe
Got a few bananas on your counter that are turning brown? I found the perfect recipe that is delicious AND it is healthier than the traditional recipe. (Shh...don't tell my kids that it is healthy! They gobble it up.)
Lanesboro Has The Cure For Cabin Fever
Who has some cabin fever right now? We've been stuck indoors a lot this winter! Lanesboro, Minnesota, has a great event that will help you relieve some of that winter claustrophobia.
5 Tips If You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home
The Spring real estate market has started and according to www.niche.com, Rochester is now the best city to buy a house in all of Minnesota! (Number 4 in all of the United States!) We've got a few tips from local REALTORS to help you get your house ready to sell this season.
Tips on How to Raise Backyard Chickens -and how to rent them!
Our family did everything wrong (according to all the chicken books) and we have survived an entire year AND just bought 5 more adorable babies. We've learned a few things though and tips that might help your adventure! Did you know you can also rent chickens?