What's going on?

Did you misplace some money yesterday?
Some honest people were enjoying the food and fun this week at Thursdays on First and came across some valuable items that belong to someone...and they are trying to find the owner! Help spread the word!!
Has This Ever Happened During Your Baseball Game?
Summer nights for my family include sitting at baseball fields all over Rochester cheering on little kiddos as they swing and slide into bases. Last night, the kids had an exciting addition to their game!
Easy and Delicious Recipe To Try!
When it comes to meals, I'm always looking for something that is easy and kid-friendly. Some of my amazing co-workers started sharing this recipe on Facebook earlier this week and I could tell, this was one that I needed to try...and share with the world.
Are You Needing Any Last Minute Teacher Gift Ideas?
The school year will be done and even with all of the advance warnings, I am in a rush to get last minute gifts for all of the teachers. I needed some ideas so I asked my friends on Facebook - including teachers - and found the most popular gift ideas (and a BIG no-no!).
$3 Movies At Marcus Theaters Is Back This Summer!
The hot summer days are already here and it sounds like we are in for quite a warm one! If you are looking for a fun adventure indoors, out of the humidity, check out these great, family-friendly movies that are only $3!
Have You Felt These Feelings When You Were Called For Jury Duty?
Last week I got a letter in the mail. It wasn’t a bill. It wasn’t an ad with coupons for Hy-Vee. It wasn’t the reminder that I need to schedule my dentist appointment. It was the worst mail ever - a summons for jury duty. Because of that white envelope, I went through some s…
FREE! Family-Friendly Movies This Summer
The countdown to summer has started, and in my house, that means we have summer fun to plan. I let my kids write out a list of things they want to do over the summer and this fun, free activity always ends up on the list.
Why Is That Person Taking Selfies With A Red Nose?
Why in the world is Jessica wearing a red nose? That’s probably what several people were wondering as I was taking selfies all around Rochester. It was all for a great cause though and I got some great pictures!
Worst Thing Parents Do At Their Kids’ Games
Take the title of “Soccer Mom”, “Football Mom”, “Baseball Mom”, “Swim Mom” or whatever sport your child is part of…there are unsportsmanlike behaviors happening on the sidelines that we should talk about.
Top 5 Gifts For High School Graduates
Caps and gowns, parties, food, and family all mean one thing…it is graduation time! If you’ve got a party to attend, take these suggestions and tips for the graduate gift. I got a lot of suggestions from the Y105FM Facebook page too and shared that below.
Baseball Is At Risk Of Being Canceled For Many Kids This Summer
I can't imagine a summer without baseball. The sad news was shared with families that the baseball season for many 4th and 5th graders throughout Rochester might be canceled. A final plea for volunteer coaches has been made and some of the youngest in our community need your help.
Your Mom Doesn't Want Another Plant For Mother's Day
Just an FYI, we are only a few days away from one of the most important days ever...Mother’s Day. I’m not saying this just because I am a mom with three kids. I share this info because I know some of you forgot and you feel the need to go do a bit of internet shopping right now. A …
Take A Hike And Learn What Plants You Can Eat In Southeast MN
I heard that there were people who went to their "secret spot" around this time of the year to go find some type of mushroom that was growing. What I didn't know then was that there are TONS of things in the wild that we can eat that are safe. Check out this class where you can lear…