With all the talk of heavy rains, flood watches, thunderstorms, I got to thinking about the past floods that have affected our area.

Bruce trudging through flood waters

Digging through my desk drawers, I found photos of the flood of 2008.  When flood warnings went into effect, our fearless leader at that time, Bruce Fishbaugher, went to the KFIL studio in downtown Preston and made sure all equipment was elevated as high as possible.

Looking towards the fairgrounds


Sure enough, just a few short hours later, the waters rose and our building became surrounded by water.

Trailhead Park

After the waters receded, poor Bruce had the nasty task of cleaning the basement which had filled with water.  Our offices smelled for days from smelly water, mustiness and remnants of an old oil furnace in the basement.  Do you suppose Bruce will bail us out again if we get flooded after he retires at the end of this month?

Fit Express

Take a look back at these photos from 2008 and let's all pray that we don't have to go through this again!