My wife and I are always looking for fun things to do with our kids. It's easy in the summer because we can hop on our bikes, go to Chester Woods or walk to a park. The task of keeping them entertained and burning off energy is a little more difficult during the frigid winter months. A friend just recommended the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. Have you ever been? It definitely looks like something my kids would love.

The Crayola Experience covers 60,000 sq ft. and offers 25 one of a kind attractions like:

Crayon Factory: A live theater show starring animated crayon characters that shows how crayons are made.

Color Magic shows you what coloring will look like in 2050.

Step inside the Rainbow Room to get doused with melting wax. No one will get burned - it's all digital.

And maybe the best feature is the Color Playground. Putting your kids to bed at night won't be a problem after they go nuts on this giant two story playground.

According to their website, the average family spends between 3-4 hours inside. Learn more and check out pics, here.

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