On Feb. 26, Cole Swindell released "Break Up in the End," the first taste of his upcoming third album. A few months later, on June 1, he officially announced the project -- but before that, Swindell provided some hints to The Boot and other reporters during a press conference, and reflected on his growth as an artist and as a person leading up to recording the new record.

"I think I've lived a little longer now, and I've been through more things," Swindell says. "I've learned that it's okay to have a song that's not a party song, or that isn't uptempo. Now that I have people's attention, I can release a song like "You Should Be Here." The people who know me best know that that's me -- the ballad, the breakup thing. And now I know that the best song wins. The arc of the growth is basically "Ain't Worth the Whiskey" to "Break Up in the End," I'll put it that way."

Read on to get up to speed about the singer's upcoming album!

The Title

Swindell previously suggested that the album might end up taking its title from his current Reason to Drink Tour, which shares its name with a song on the record: "It's kind of a fun, country-anthem song," Swindell explains of "Reason to Drink." "Maybe it'll be a single, maybe it won't be, but it would be a cool album title." However, Swindell stressed at the time that the final decision had not yet been made -- and, on June 1, he revealed that his new album would instead be called All of It.

The Release Date

All of It is due out on Aug. 17. It is available for pre-order in various bundles via Swindell's official website.

The Album Cover

Swindell has yet to release cover art for his upcoming project. The Boot will update this story as more details emerge.

The Producers

Michael Carter, who produced Swindell's first two albums, will produce All of It. Although the production credits and band will remain the same, Swindell indicates that there will be a shift in production style, which is apparent in the stripped-down single that has already been released.

The Single

"Break Up in the End" is the only the second of Swindell's nine singles that the singer didn't write (the first was his previous single, "Stay Downtown"). However, that doesn't make the song any less special to him, Swindell says.

"I've had relationships along the way that had more "Ain't Worth the Whiskey"-type endings, and then there were some like this," he shares. "Those are the hard ones. You still think the world of each other, it just isn't gonna work out."

With a pared-down style that focuses on the lyrics of the song over the bells and whistles of production, on "Break Up in the End," Swindell hones in on his wheelhouse: the breakup song. He's also released a music video for the track.

The Songs

While Swindell has yet to release an official track list for his new album, he has provided a few details about while tracks he hopes will make it onto the finished product.

"There's a song called "Dad's Old Number" that was written with me in mind, and it's gonna be a great song," he says. "Another one that's special to me is a song called "The Ones [Who] Got Me Here." I wrote it with Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure. It's my favorite thing I've written since "You Should Be Here." It's about being really lucky to do what you love, and I think a lot of people can relate to that."

In mid-April, Swindell shared another new track, "Somebody's Been Drinkin'." The song is a slow-rolling play-by-play of the rekindling of an old romance late at night. A month later, Swindell followed that track with another new taste of the album, sharing the new song "The Ones Who Got Me Here."

The Tour

In mid-February, Swindell kicked off his headlining Reason to Drink Tour, featuring opening acts Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina. For more details and a complete list of dates, click here.

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