Minnesota is known for its outdoor activities, but here's a few you might have never thought of.

Aside of fishing, camping, and hunting those are about the only activities I can say I have been a part of. But Minnesota has a ton of other things you can do, both indoors and out.

Onlyinyourstate.com found a list of activities you probably thought were not possible to do in Minnesota.  The entire list is available on the website, but here a few highlights that I think would be pretty awesome to do.

Whitewater Rafting---You see all the movies of mountains and boats of people going through the water. Did you know you can do it right here in Minnesota. We have a ton of rivers here, so it makes sense.

Paragliding---Is there a better way to see the sights then hooked up to a big piece of fabric. I am guessing there's more to it than that, and we do have our fare share of wind. Match made in heaven.

The extreme sandbox---Growing up, always had a sandbox and the tonka toys that you would dig up sand and build a huge city for the ants. This adds a twist, with real machinery.  Move over Tonka toys, we moved up.

And last but not least, this one has to take the crown.  You can drive a tank.  YES A TANK. You dream about it, well at least I do, but you can right here in Minnesota. I don't feel the need to elaborate on it because.....you get to drive a TANK!!!!!

Head over to onlyinyourstate.com and see the entire article. Maybe a few more ideas for a summer vacation, or you have one of those weeks at work and just want to hop in a tank and run a car over.